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Not Quite a Half Marathon, but…

…this morning was definitely a win! Not long after doing the Hapalua Half Marathon back in March, I took a break from running. I didn’t really mean to take a break, but I just somehow lost all my steam. When … Continue reading

27. May 2012 by terri
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Managing the To-Dones for 2012

Managing the To-Dones for 2012, a photo by terriwilling on Flickr. With the latter part of my 2011 being a bust, I am welcoming 2012 with open arms and with the resolve that I’m going to look back on 2012 … Continue reading

02. January 2012 by terri
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The “List” for 2012

The "List" for 2012, a photo by terriwilling on Flickr. I am normally not for making New Year’s Resolutions but I felt compelled to write down a list of things I had to remind myself of. 2011 had started off … Continue reading

21. December 2011 by terri
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Thank you, Uncle Steve…

Back in January 2006, I had to do a 100+ page group paper on Apple for my senior project for my BBA at UH. Not sure how my group members and I landed on Apple, but looking back on it, … Continue reading

05. October 2011 by terri
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10 Years Tomorrow.

In 2001, I kept a blog and for a good three months that year, I managed to write an entry every single day. I mainly did it as an exercise in writing compositions. I was 21 going on 22 that … Continue reading

10. September 2011 by terri
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Running Down a Dream.

Week One, Day One Day 1 Monday, June 20, 2011 Yeah I’m runnin’ down a dream, That never would come to me Workin’ on a mystery, Goin’ wherever it leads… – Tom Petty, “Runnin’ Down a Dream” As I had … Continue reading

20. June 2011 by terri
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Today I registered for the 2011 Honolulu Marathon. Here goes… Tweet

21. January 2011 by terri
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Thirty and a Half.

Another St. Patrick’s Day has passed, which means another reminder that I’m about halfway to my next birthday. Last year I was rather apprehensive about turning 30, but also hopeful for the future and the opportunities that my situation at … Continue reading

17. March 2010 by terri
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The Enbrel Vlog.

I made a video of one of my Enbrel injections. If you are squeamish about needles and stuff like that, this video may not be for you. Granted, you don’t actually see the needle, but the pain on my face … Continue reading

04. March 2010 by terri
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So What’s New?

There is so much I want to chronicle regarding my journey in managing my diabetes, arthritis, and just my overall well being.  I decided to do it in a microblog powered by Tumblr called terri-is.aspiraling.  While that blog is meant … Continue reading

01. March 2010 by terri
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