Pen Review: Sakura Sumo Grip II Gel 05

Pen Review: Sumo Grip II Gel 05 by terriwilling
Pen Review: Sumo Grip II Gel 05, a photo by terriwilling on Flickr.

Copping out again by using a picture of something I wrote to be a blog post.

I decided to do another pen review. It’s very rare for me to find a pen at my local drugstore that that suits my discriminating taste. It was quite a delight to come across the Sumo Grip II Pen. I was never impressed with the Sumo Grip line of pens, but the Sumo Grip II is quite exceptional with its gel ink and finer point (05, which translates to 0.45mm).

When I got to use it, the pen turned out to be an even bigger pleasant surprise. Though it’s not perfect, it’s quite good with its consistent smooth writing and comfortable barrel.

It’s great to have another pen to add to the “good” collection!

28. December 2011 by terri
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